10% less units for 1060 3GB GTX


As we suspections at the launch of the GeForce GTX 1060, version 3 GB of this reference will be somewhat different from the version 6 GB that we tested. Following pilot who make a clear distinction between these unusual variations in the amount of memory, you then we indicated that a difference was to be expected. We now know what it is.

The Asian counterparts indeed have a presentation during which Nvidia unveiled its specifications. While the GPU GP106 board contains 10 SM, blocks of processing units, one of them is disabled on the 1060 GTX 3GB, which reduces the computing power and texturing of 10%:
To compensate somewhat disabling a SM, Nvidia pushes the GPU frequency of a little notch up. Furthermore, a graphics card equipped with a lower density memory is generally slightly more efficient. The performance gap should not exceed 5% on average, except of course in any situations where 3 GB of memory would be insufficient.

This is of course the big question is difficult to answer today. If immediate, 1080p, this should not be a concern, it could cause problems in the future with a quality level of textures pushed to the maximum. In any case opt for a card 3GB of this level of performance, and to a lesser extent 4GB, represents a compromise tariff level that is linked to risks for persons who intend to keep the graphics card 2 or 3 years.

For details, it should be noted that this SM least not reducing the flow of pixels which is 32 per cycle at the RIP engine, triangles or the displayed flow rate. It impacts through against the flow ejection masked triangles.

The GeForce GTX 1060 3GB should be launched in the coming weeks with a rate that can be expected to start at € 240-250 for the cheapest models. What to allow Nvidia to position facing the Radeon RX 480 4 GB.

Although the performance gap is moderate, we regret course these specifications revised downwards, with no clear change in nomenclature, for cards who board less memory, as much for the Go 1060 GTX 3, with the number of units calculation for the RX 480 4 GB, with the memory frequency.

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