Microsoft capitulum on the support Skylake


Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a surprising blog post Indicating that not only the future of Intel and AMD processors would be fully supported by Windows 10, but that premium platforms Intel Skylake (the latest as of Intel processors) would have to do a support on Windows 7 (and 8.1) that until July 2017!

Something we interpreted at the time as a heavy good attempt to encourage OEMs, resellers and users to switch to Windows 10. The Redmond company has been the least obscure what this supposed limit under hearing in his note that only the most critical vulnerabilities would patch the object.

Soon, Microsoft returned back the first time , adding a year of “support” and pushing the limit in July 2018.

Today, Microsoft comes back a second time, finally abandoning the idea of a selective support Skylake. A new blog post indicates that Microsoft will provide “all patches” for Skylake platforms until the end of official support for Windows 7 (14 January 2020) and 8.1 (10 January 2023). Microsoft credits this change to its “strong partnership” with Intel that will handle the validation patches, and also at the request of its enterprise customers.

However, Microsoft continues to indicate that future platforms from Intel and AMD as Kaby Lake and Bristol Ridge will “fully supported” under Windows 10. It is not yet know what it means, it would be surprising Intel and AMD do not offer, for example, chipset drivers for Windows 7 and 8.1 for their next generation.

This capitulation Microsoft is not necessarily surprising given the historic reluctance of companies to switch to a new version of Windows. Combined with the undrilled on the smartphone market with Windows 10 Mobile and despite the use of low qualified technical a moral standpoint ( And legal ) To force updates to Windows 10, the Redmond company in the back its objectives of reaching a billion machines running Windows 10 by 2018.

Microsoft policy changes in privacy also raise questions, the company now extensively using the “telemetry” and Microsoft reserves the right “to access, transfer, communicate and store” your personal data in a list of cases relatively wide (see complete section Reasons We Share Personal Data for details), including for example the protection of intellectual property of Microsoft!

Note, however, that much of telemetry was deployed Windows 7 and 8.1 through Windows Update updates. If we could manually disable these two, our colleagues from Ars Technica indicated yesterday that Microsoft will no longer offer the option for Windows 7 and 8.1 and to download patches individually choose from October, offering only bundles. Initially, it will only affect new security patches but any updates will be affected eventually.

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