Silent Wings 3 for be quiet!


The German company be quiet! has announced the arrival of a new version of its Silent Wings fans, version 3. We recall for tested versions 1 and 2 in their declination PWM in this article .

We find the characteristic fin design of the manufacturer, with a structured surface and a guaranteed fluid dynamic bearing system for 300,000 hours of use. The frame of the fan is now set with rubber and is also found anti-vibration mounts.
We find very similar characteristics to the previous generation from a technical point of view, the PWM 120 for example, the maximum speed of password 1500-1450 RPM but it retains the same air flow (50.5 cfm ). The static pressure increases to 1.63 against 1.79mmH20.

Several are available, there are variations of 120 and 140 mm in DC (3 pins) and PWM (4-pin), each of these versions being available in “classic” mode or “high speed”.

Unsurprisingly the speed increases on models “high speed”, we pass 1450 RPM on 120-2200 120 on high speed with a volume which rose from 16.4 to 28.6 dB (A). 140mm for the speed Password 1000-1600 RPM, with sound levels that evolve in the same way (going from 15.5 to 28.1 dB (A)). You can find the rest of the features in the following table:

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