Watercooling on a socket for Cooler Master


Cooler Master takes advantage of the summer to introduce a new concept of radiator for processor, MasterLiquid Maker 92. Behind this name hides an integrated water cooling system for Intel processors compatible with socket LGA2011 and LGA115x.

A block is placed directly on the socket, but it leave two lateral supports which are attached … radiator. The radiator also includes the pump, and two 92mm fans (removable) are present, one on each side of the radiator. Their noise level is announced at 30 dB (A) at 100% utilization

As if all this was not enough original, the radiator can be rotated to end up in a vertical or horizontal position. In both cases, the system will require respectively 16.8 cm and 11.9 cm housing height.

If we can not put at fault the originality of the solution, it is difficult to refrain from questioning the benefits of a compact watercooling system compared to traditional heat pipes to radiators.

Cooler Master indicates that this product will be available in small quantities, direct sales from its website at the end of August. The price is for the moment unknown. Interested, but especially curious, can refer to the manufacturer’s website where you can admire the transition horizontal / vertical video.

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