Intel Custom Foundry takes ARM license!


ARM confirmed by a blog post Intel Custom Foundry, manufacturing activity thirds Intel now holds a license ARM Artisan for 10nm! We must remember that Intel is rather a special case in the world of semiconductors, being one of the few companies to have its own factories, used almost exclusively for the production of its own chips. Most other market players have migrated to the separation of the design of a side activity (known companies fabless , is the case in the world of GPUs with AMD and NVIDIA), and on the other the manufacturing in specialized third-party companies (known …

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Microsoft capitulum on the support Skylake


Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a surprising blog post Indicating that not only the future of Intel and AMD processors would be fully supported by Windows 10, but that premium platforms Intel Skylake (the latest as of Intel processors) would have to do a support on Windows 7 (and 8.1) that until July 2017! Something we interpreted at the time as a heavy good attempt to encourage OEMs, resellers and users to switch to Windows 10. The Redmond company has been the least obscure what this supposed limit under hearing in his note that only the most critical vulnerabilities would …

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